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MomoPlay is a unique and brand new concept of indoor playgrounds, bringing the latest in kid’s entertainment and technology to the masses.


We organize events and deliver fresh outdoor carnival concepts. MomoPlay create carnivals once for every month.


Services such as educational activities are catered at MomoPlay corners. Activities are running at every outlet weekly.

Birthday Party

Our playground is the best choice if you are thinking to celebrate Birthday Parties. We offer affordable and customisable packages for the special day.

Rental of Bouncy Castles

Various kinds and sizes of attractive bouncy castles for birthday parties or any celebrations are available for rent.

Play as you learn

Develop social skills

Your kids can develop their social skills by socialising and making new friends at the playground and interacting with them through our activities.

Develop intellectual kills

MomoPlay helps to encourage your kid’s intellectual ability by joining our specially created games and activities.

Exercise your body

MomoPlay helps keep your kids active by organising several physical activities such as rock climbing and dancing. We have fun corners created by MomoPlay every week.

Explore a new environment

Visiting our playground will allow your kids to have more fun than playing at your home, keep both their mind and body active throughout the day. Come check out our playground equipment and see what MomoPlay has to offer.

Our portfolios

MomoDrift at Myanmar Plaza/ Junction Square

The MomoDrift carnival at Myanmar Plaza Outdoor promotion area was debuted the MomoDrift tricycle and race circuit, the first of […]

MomoPlay New Year Countdown 2017

The New Year Countdown was the first of its kind at Myanmar Plaza. Featuring the biggest stars in Myanmar, we […]

Momo Christmas Carnival 2018

Momo Christmas Carnival 2018

Momo Christmas Carnival 2017

Christmas Carnival celebrated at Christmas Day 2017 at Myanmar Plaza outdoor area drew attention from the public. Provided with fancy […]

Events & Promotions

Reward card

This reward card is available at every MomoPlay outlets.

Reward card

Currently, this reward card is available at every MomoPlay outlets.

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